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GeneSTAR® Now has More Information, Greater Value

NEW YORK — Sept. 29, 2010 — GeneSTAR®, from Pfizer Animal Genetics, now comes with two additional offerings ─ a Palatability Index and black coat color. These are in addition to Molecular Value Predictions (MVPs®) for feed efficiency, marbling and tenderness.

William Herring, Ph.D., to lead Pfizer Animal Genetics Technical Services

NEW YORK (September 27, 2010)—Dr. William Herring has joined Pfizer Animal Genetics as Senior Director of Global Technical Services. In his new role he will lead the global technical services team to maintain Pfizer Animal Genetics’ commitment to customer-focused solutions through its portfolio of genomics-based products and services.

Three Ways to Make Genetic Improvement This Fall -DNA testing can help producers mitigate some risk in everyday decisions

A few simple adjustments this fall can help cattle producers jump-start genetic progress — and profitability — for years to come. Mark Allan, Ph.D., associate director, technical services, Pfizer Animal Genetics, says producers can use DNA testing to help take some of the risk out of the important decisions they will make in the coming months.

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