How to Secure a Second Date: Miracle Pregnancy

Apr 11, 2019


How to Secure a Second Date: Miracle Pregnancy

Most guys get very nervous prior to the first date. It is their first real chance to make an impression as a romantic interest after all, so maybe a little bit of anxiety is not at all that surprising. Guys are going to go all out just to make sure that the first date goes perfectly and Rampant Man certainly believes that this is a wise to go about trying to start a relationship, but it is also important to hold a few things back in anticipation of the second date. After all, the first date’s purpose is to earn the guy a next one.

Women are only going to want a second date if they have actually been intrigued by the guy on the first one, so creating an identity that is both honest and exciting is very important. Rampant Man suggests relaying to the girl the details of the life plan. This may seem to be quite the forward step at first, but its purpose is just to establish the guy as someone with a dream and a goal in life. Relaying this story to the girl will let her know that she comes off as trustworthy, and that is designed to also make her feel the same way. It is also very important to be interesting without coming off as strange over the course of the first date according to Rampant Man. Sharing interesting details achieves the same purpose as telling the life plan with the added bonus of one of the interests potentially striking a similar chord with the girl.

A successful date can only be termed as such if both parties are having a good time. In order to secure a second date, guys need to ensure that the girl will actually have fun on the first one. Aside from the obvious tip of planning a fun date, Rampant Man also highlights the need for the guy to show interest in the girl by asking questions. Making sure the questions are also very light in tone ensures that no sore spot will be touched upon. Rampant Man also says that a little physical contact is actually welcome on the first date. The key is to be very affectionate without being too physical. If these things are done well, then the second date is all but secured, unless the guy is unprepared in certain respects.

Guys should know beforehand that they have probably been looked up online by their dates. It is not done with malicious intent. It is more of just securing that the person at the other end of the table is actually who he says he is. Guys need to play it cool says Rampant Man. Keeping calm during the course of the date is a great way to look and feel confident. If all these tips are taken to heart, then the second date really is guaranteed. With this experience fresh in mind, the second date will be even more looked forward to by the girl.

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