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Testing And Results

The CLARIFIDE Dairy Process

  • The dairy producer orders the number of sample collectors needed.
  • The dairy producer collects samples for DNA extraction (hair follicle samples or blood samples can be used for testing)
  • The dairy producer completes the order form and submits it along with the samples to their CLARIFIDE Accredited Veterinarian.
  • Samples are shipped to Pfizer Animal Health for a QA process before being forwarded onto the Pfizer Animal Genetics lab in Kalamazoo, MI, U.S.
  • DNA is extracted at the Pfizer lab and genotypes (DNA markers) are determined for each sample on the Low Density 6K panel.
  • Genotypes are analyzed by the Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) and genomic evaluations are returned to the Dairy Producer and the CLARIFIDE Accredited Veterinarian in a CLARIFIDE report (Excel based).
  • Interpreting CLARIFIDE Results
  • Using a range of tools developed by Pfizer and Semex, CLARIFIDE Accredited Veterinarians will work with dairy producers to help them interpret the results so that they can make more informed decisions about sire selection, reproductive strategies and overall herd management.

DNA Collection Guide

Turning a hair sample or a few drops of blood into a decision-making tools is the exciting result of genomic testing. Our testing procedure is a efficient process that helps you gather results in a timely manner and more effectively manage livestock for improved decision-making and maximum profitability.

Accuracy of results and the length of time it takes for your results to arrive depend on the quality of the sample submitted. Taking a high-quality sample is the first step to receiving accurate genomic results. A variety of samples, including hair roots and blood are acceptable for genomic testing. Learn more about taking the best sample by reading the below instruction guides or watching the videos on proper sample collection.